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Do you need to lose 20 lbs of "Belly Fat?!"

"Ultrasound, a New Effective Alternative to Plastic Surgery!"

No Pain! No Med to take! No Side Effects!            Safe FDA approved!            Used around the world for over 30 yrs!


9th Anniversary

9 Years in Business! Since 2013

Houston's #1 Location, 9 years of Specializing in Ultrasound Non-Surgical Lipo & RF Skin Tightening!

I started SHRINK Studios in 2013, celebrating 9 years! I still get excited when I see the amazing results my clients get! I "Specialize" that why people come to me, because they know I get results!
Tanya Seals (owner)

Deborah Duncan

"Deborah Duncan"
TV Host

Deborah Duncan after 10 sessions!

Deborah D. Before and After

Aired 4/25/2018
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"Outstanding Results!"
"Outstanding Quality!"
"Without Surgery!"


IT JUST Works!
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SHRINK Studios is for people:
*Who never
considered plastic surgery!
*Who exercise & eat right and hit a plateau!
*Who have stubborn belly fat that won't go away!
*Who have loose skin on the belly, neck, legs or arms!
*Who have a lumpy belly after lipo!
*Who need aftercare after having lipo or a tummy tuck!

*Do you need to lose 20 lbs of Belly Fat?
*Ultrasound technology fat loss is FDA approved.
*Not Painful! No Meds to take!
*No recovery! No side effects!
*Outstanding Results! Outstanding Quality!
*Just a 1 hour treatment, once a week!

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Non-Surgical Lipo


Ultrasonic Cavitation is highly effective in destroying stubborn fat from the waists, love handles, hips & thighs so the body can eliminate the melted fat naturally.
No Pain, No Surgery, No Downtime.

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Anti-Cellulite Vacuum Therapy

Vacuum Therapy

The NEWEST technology Anti-Cellulite vacuum therapy is used to loosen hard, dimpled fat that is found on thighs. 
Also used for post tummy tucks and liposuction swelling.

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900 Calorie Burn Infrared Sauna

900 Calorie Burn
Infrared Sauna

Luxurious Infrared Sauna session helps burn up to 900 calories in a 30 min session, detoxify the body, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Radio Frequency Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency
Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency treats problem areas by tightening and firming loose, wrinkled or sagging skin anywhere on the body.
No Pain, No Surgery, No Downtime.

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RF Facial Renewal Tightening

RF Facial
Renewal Tightening

Radio Frequency is ideal for those tell-tale signs of aging on the face & neck by firming and lifting lax skin without surgery. Also used for Double Chin Reduction. Get a fresher appearance in a lunch hour.

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Whole Body Vibration Machine

Whole Body
Vibration Machine

WBV helps you easily achieve your goal in less time. Just 10 minutes equals a 1-hour run, you can help transform your body in no time.

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